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Festival Fun


District 360 began as a small music venture in Vietnam, celebrating the joy and connection that music brings. Our passion for entertainment grew to include large-scale entertainment events in Vietnam like Disney Live, the Ho Tram Golf Tournament, and various music festivals. In 2017, our founder Tanya returned to Australia with a vision. After working in the disability sector in central and rural Western Australia, she saw a need for more joyful and meaningful experiences for individuals with disabilities. This realization led to the re-invention of District 360 in 2019.

Founded in Perth, Western Australia, District 360 became a registered NDIS provider, combining Tanya’s love for music and her desire to support people with disabilities. Her mission? To bring fun and passion to the disability sector, ensuring everyone can pursue their dreams and live vibrant lives. With the support of her family and dedicated staff, District 360 has grown and now serves communities around Perth, WA and Melbourne, VIC. Our services range from individual support workers to group STA respites, all aimed at enriching our clients' lives.

At District360, our mission is simple: Quality, person-centered care. We provide personalized support that respects each individual's unique needs and aspirations. We create opportunities for socialization and personal growth, helping our clients achieve their goals and dreams. We believe in letting you take the lead. We're here to guide and support you on your journey, ensuring you can live your best life.


District360 is dedicated to fun and unique experiences. We prioritize joy and creativity in everything we do, making us more than just a service provider—we're a community committed to uplifting and empowering individuals with disabilities. Join us at District 360, and let's make every day an opportunity for joy, growth, and fulfilment.

Memories Over the Years





We believe excellence is our standard, not just a goal. Our services involve consistently creating innovative ways to providing better quality supports.



We are honest, fair, consistent, accountable, open and transparent in our dealings with others and are committed to building trust and mutual respect.



We are genuinely concerned about your needs, and the needs of those close to you. We practice empathy for everyone’s unique life circumstances.

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