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Our Policies
Participants Right

As a participant of District 360, you have rights. These rights are protected by law and set out in national standards.

Information about these rights must be given to you in a clear way that makes sense to you. We will talk with you about your rights when you first meet with us and throughout your time with the service.

District 360 Policies.

D360S_P001 Person Centred Support Policy_2023

D360S_P002 Participant Advocacy and Support Policy_2023

D360S_P003 – Privacy & Confidentiality Policy_2023

D360S_P004 – Duty of Care Policy_2023

D360S_P005 Participant Decision Making and Choice Policy_2023

D360S_P022 Quality Policy and Procedure_2023

D360S_P026 Conflict Of Interest Service Delivery Policy_2023

D360S_P028 Medication Management Policy And Procedure_2023

D360S_P031 Access To Service Policy & Procedures_2023

D360S_P034 Service Entry And Exit Policy & Procedures_2023

D360S_P035 Safeguarding For Participants Policy_2023

D360S_P037 Cultural Security For Participants Policy_2023

D360S_P048 Governance Policy and Procedure_2023

D360S_P049 Service Agreement Policy_2023

D360S_P050 Responsive Support Provision and Procedures_2023

Below are a list of policies applicable to District 360 participants

D360S_P006 Participant Participation Social Inclusion_2023

D360S_P007 Participants’ Human Rights and Freedom from Abuse and Neglect Policy_2023

D360S_P008 Individual Needs_2023

D360S_P009 – Valued Status Policy_2023

D360S_P010 - Code of Conduct_2023

D360S_P038 Behaviour Support & Restrictive Practices Policy_2023

D360S_P039 Direct Health Support Policy_2023

D360S_P041 Incident Management Policy & Procedures (Participants)_2023

D360S_P041 A Falls Management Policy_2023

D360S_P044 Client Protection Policy_2023

D360S_P045Support Coordination Policy & Procedures_2023

D360S_P046 Specialist Support Coordination Policy & Procedures_2023

D360S_P051 Waste Management Policy and Procedures_2023

D360S_P055 – Child Safety Policy_2023

D360S_P057 Mealtime Management Policy & Procedures (Inc. Dysphagia) And Mealtime Preference Guide_2023

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